Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T'

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Matters to be attended to use YakyuboT
  • If you implement optimisation of memory while using YakyuboT, it is possible to cause error on YakyuboT. Use 'Close' button and finish this app,then implement optimisation of memory.
  • If you leave YakyuboT long time,it is possible to cause error on YakyuboT because of the memory deletion by phone's OS.
  • Don't tap repeatedly in a short time.
  • Because the screen size of iphone is small,YakyuboT can't show all data on the screen.
    So we set buttons as follows for swiching the contents.

    '←','→' swith horizontal data.'↑','↓' switch vertical data.
Concerning this help
  • The pictures implemented YakyuboT in this help are taken under Android Tablet. Depending on your phone,screen is different from them.

(1)Operating environment
  • OS
More than ver.4.0 of Android
You need more than ver.4.4 of Android to connect Yakyubo Net and print.

  • Resolution
More than qHD(540×960) resolution.

  • Max number of innings is 30.
  • Max number of players every team in a game is 30.
  • DH system is valid.It is possible to quit DH system.
  • Tie Break system is valid.It is possible to select starting order of Tie Break.
  • There are 2 Input Type,Recording with the progress of the game and recording several data by inputting number.
  • There is automatic judgement function for runners. It judges runner position by input batting contents. And it sets runners to more probably base. Therefore it is easy to input a game.
    (For example:When a batter hits ground out to second fielder at 2 on and 1 out,2nd runner goes to third automatically.If the runner stayed second base actually,modify the runner.
  • You can print Box score.

  • Max number of teams is 16 in a League season.
  • Max number of games is 300 in a League season.
  • Winning point system is valid.There are 3 type.
  • You can input Enearned win in League season.

  • The number of Leagues,seasons,teams,players and games is infinite,depending on phone's capacity.
  • Detail team information(uniform,phone,starting lineup,evaluation of team,and so on)
  • Detail personal stats(at Scoring position,at Strike count 0-2,direction of hitting, field percentage,out fielder assist, and so on)
  • Detail personal informaiton(address,phone,position,height,long cast,base running,and so on)
  • The system of player's transfer and retire is valid.

(5)Restriction of Trial version
  • Trial period is 10 days.
  • Partial restriction is in season data and box score.
  • The explanation of app is showed.

(6)Open to the public on web site,Back up (Yakyubo Net)
  • There is data transfer function between YakyuboT and Free web baseball service 'Yakyubo Net'.
    This function enables YakyuboT user to open to the public on web site and back up created data.


  • You can set some items using in YakyuboT app.
    • Auto input date of today to a game ・・・  If the check is on, date of today is input automatically when you input a game.
    • Qualifier IP and PA ・・・ Set Qualifier IP and PA. As each default value,IP is set 1.0,PA is set 3.1. Explanation is here.
    • Version ・・・ Version of app


Close this app as much as you can.

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