Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T' --- Team Data

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Get it on Google Play

You can create,load and delete Team Data.

A Team data is composed of

  • Team information and stats
  • Information and stats(Pitching,Hitting,Fielding) of players who belong to the team
.In YakyuboT,player's data is managed in a team. Classify a player who is retired or doesn't belong to any team to 'Free-Agent' team.

Explanation Team Data

Create new Team data.When a new team is created,a player belongs to the team is created at the same time.
There are forbidden characters for Team name. And you can't use the same team name whitch already exists.

Load Team data.

Delete Team data. The data which is deleted is Team data,Team stats and Box score which the oppornent team doesn't record.
You can select delete or transfer the players belong to the team. If they are transfered,player's information and stats are alive.

*)Concerning delete of the team taking part in League season.
If you delete the team taking part in League season,you can't record a game in the League season.The same name team which is created again can't resolve this problem.

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