Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T' --- Detail of game

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Detail of Game is showed.You can modify this only after game, can't modify in the middle of game.

The explanation is as follows.
  • Position,Player's Name,batting contents are lined from left.
  • The position of starter is surrounded '[ ]'.
  • There aren't Runninng play and additional play in this page.
  • About batting contents.

    1. Background color of batting contents is as follows.
    • Red  ・・・ Home Run
    • Aqua ・・・ Single,Double,Triple
    • Yellow  ・・・ Walk,Hit by pitch,Sacrifice bunt,Sacrifice fly,IF2(Interference by catcher)
    • White  ・・・ Out

    2. P,C,1B,2B,SS,LF,CF,RF mean target Field player.
    • P  ・・・ Pitcher
    • C  ・・・ Catcher
    • 1B  ・・・ First Baseman
    • 2B  ・・・ Second Baseman
    • 3B  ・・・ Third Baseman
    • SS  ・・・ Short stop
    • LF  ・・・ Left Fielder
    • CF  ・・・ Center Fielder
    • RF  ・・・ Right Fielder

    3. '①','②','③','④' means RBI.


You can modify as follows.
  • Change batting contents,by tapping it directly.
  • Add batting contents with 'Option' button
  • Delete batting contents with 'Option' button
If you want to add player or delte player or change position, 'Modify Box Score'. You can modify the game there.And after the modification, Detail of Game is modified automatically.
After modifying,push 'Renew' button at each team to renew data. Unless you renew,the changed data doesn't preserve.
  • Change batting contents
    'batting contents' means batting result by a At Bat like 'SO'(Strike Out),'Walk'. Tapping it the screen for modifying the contents. Input new batting contents.

    Input there only batting result.For example a fielder error occurs after a batter hits single, input only 'Single'. A fielder error occurs when a batter hits ground out, input 'GO' and 'Error'.
    There is restricted play to input according to batting contents. For example,you can't select HR and RBI 0 at the sama time. you can't select Fly Out and Fielder's chois.

  • Add batting contents
    Immediately after addition the batting contents is void. Tap it and input contents.

  • Delete batting contents

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