Help of 'Yakyubo T' --- Change starting line up

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Get it on Google Play

Change Starting line up here.You can redo even many times.

DH off DH on

Tapping position or Player's Name,you can select or input. When you input a new player,there are forbidden characters for Player's Name

Then if you change starter at the team already created, the message of 'Do you change default lineup of -- ?' is showed.Selecting 'OK',starting lineup in Team data is changed.

*Quit DH system
Pushing 'Quit DH' button,you can quit DH system at the team. If DH is quited, pitcher is set at the order of DH player.
In case that pitcher is set another order or DH hitter is set deffensive position, the player doesn't reveal at the list for selection. Therefore input the Player's Name again.
The explanation is here.

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