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If the detail contents are needed after inputting batting,this screen is showed. The part of ① is defferent according to batting contents.

If you are puzzled how to input,confirm the part of ① and RBI.

In case that the input contents is different from assumed contents,difficult play

At Grounder Error,Sacrifice bunt Error
At GO,SAC.input out runnner and throwing

The explanation of items is as follows.
Disposal of hitting Select the fielder dealed with the hitting at first and the runner who is out. if the play is 'GO+E' or 'AO+E' or 'SAC+E',select the player who commits the error.

For example : Left fielder catch left center single → Select "LF"
For example : Left fielder failed to catch left center single and center fielder catch. → Select "LF"

It is possible to add Forced out automatically according to inputed play.
Direction of hitting Select the direction of hitting. It needs only if the hitting is arrived at out fielder.
Error fielder Select error fielder when 'GO+E' or 'AO+E' or 'SAC+E' is occurs.
RBI Select RBI of the batter. The limitation of RBI is defined by the batting contents and runners.
For example the limitation is 1 at SAC,GO,FO,LineOut,2 at Single. If more run recorded in this play,it isn't RBI but only RUN without RBI nomally.

For example : If a batter hits Single at bases loaded and 3 runs scored,RBI is set 2.
For example : If a batter hits ground out and dowble play at bases loaded and 1 runs scored,RBI is set 0.

And if you set RBI 1 when runner is on 3rd base and a batter hits Fly out or Liner out, 'Sacrifice fly' is added automatically.
Additional play 1~4 Select additional play to batting. You can select among the under picture and add maximum 4 plays. Wherever you input addional play, there is no difference. But the input order must be in order of the play.
For example : in case of Single → Error of CF → Illegal play
If you input and add an aditional play Single → Illegal play → Error of CF , you can't add Error of CF. Because Illegal play stops all play and Error never occurs after it.

You can't select a play which it is impossible to occur at the same time.

For example : Double play and Forced out
For example : 2 Obstructed play
For example : Double play at 2 outs

Additional plays

Foul Input when foul fly out or liner out occurs.
SF Input when Sacrifice fly occurs and RBI is recorded 1.
+Error Input when Error occurs except for main play. For example : After Single hit, throwing error occurs by CF
OB Input when the obstruction play by a fielder against a runner occurs.
Runner-Out Input when a runner is out. It contains overtaking fore runner,running through a base.
IP Input when the obstruction play by a runner against a fielder occurs.
This contains the play that runner is hit a ball hit by batter. And the batter is recorded 'Single'.
Forced-out Input when a fielder gets a out by Forced-play.
Forced-play is an out play which doesn't need touch play at grounder.

For example : When 1st and 2nd runner are on,a fielder gets out to throw to second base or third base at grounder.
When bases loaded, a fielder gets out to throw to second base or third base or home base at grounder.

But this isn't Forced-play:when 2nd runner is on,a fielder gets out to throw to third base at grounder.
Double play Input only when the Double play records to the batter.

For example : When 1st runner is on,grounder or line out and Double play occurs. When runner out occurs in a row,the batter isn't recorded Double play. So don't add Double play.
Triple play Input only when the Triple play records to the batter. The standard of judgement is as same as Double play.

Push 'OK' button when you finish inputting. According to the input plays,runners,run,out count,put out and assist are calculated. And Result of this play screen for confirming and modifying is showed. If you need to modify,modify it there. And in case the input contents have any mistakes, go back to this screen and redo.

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