Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T' --- Result of Play

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The result of batting or running is showed. If you want to modify runners,ball counts,Put out and Assist, modify here. And in case the input contents have any mistakes, go back to this screen and redo.

  • Put out,Assist ・・・・・ You can confirm or modify Put out and Assist. The explanation is here.

  • Modify ball counts ・・・・・ You can modify ball counts. select balls and then select ball counts. According to balls,the count you can select changes. In this app the ball-count isn't used.Therefore ball-count needn't input correctly.

    When you input running play such as 'Stolen base' and 'Pick Off',the ball counts don't record as far as the play doesn't cause 3 outs.

  • Modify runners ・・・・・ You can modify runners.If you modify and a runner scores, the Run is regarded as a Run without RBI.

Pushing 'OK' button,the play is recoreded and a play progresses. If you want to modify this play , use 'Back' button on ground. The previous play is all erased and the game state such as batter,pitcher,runner,out counts and inning is returned.

Game is over

When game innings reach Basic innings and the score is different,The statement of "This game is over." is showed.Without a break,the statement of "This game is over.Do you decide this game?" is showed.

If you want to finish game,select 'OK'; Else select 'Cancel'.The game is returned one play.

The step of finishing game is as follows.

Modification of PitchingSave game,(Except for league) → Box Score → Complete

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