Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T' --- Put Out and Assist

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You can input Runnner out at addtional play or Running play(by hidden ball or catcher's throwing). Select the runner who is out and the fielders who put out or assist.

*Put Out ・ Assist
'Put Out' is a play which a fielder gets a out by catching or touching. 'Assist' is a play which a fielder gets a out by throwing. They are used for calculating Field percentage.

For example

Put Out : catching a Fly ball,catching a throwed ball and called out, getting a touch out ,catching Strike out by a catcher
Assist : throwing and called out at grounder,caught stealing by a catcher
In case of Strike out,Assist isn't recorded to the pitcher.

Put out is recorded one by one out. Therefore 3 Put outs is recorded in a inning and 27 Put outs is recorded in 9 innings. Even in case a runnder is out without the play of fielder,Put out is recorded to any player.

For example : runnner is hit a ball hitted by batter,Interference play by batter
In these cases Put out is recorded to the nearest fielder or objected fielder.

Assist is recorded more than one by one out.
For example : throwing from CF to SS ,throwing to C.And a runner is out. In this play one Assist is recorded to CF and SS, one Put out is recorded to C.
If a runner isn't out by catching error,an Assist is recorded to the fielder throwing correctly. When the play caught by fielders as a runner occurs, Assists are recorded to all the fielders who concern the play.

For example : SS → 1B → 2B → P → SS → 1B
An Assist is recorded to SS,1B,2B,P,a Put out is recorded to 1B. Though SS throws twice,assist is recorded only one.

In Yakyubo T,Put out and Assist is recorded by app automatically. But the play of more than 3 Assists isn't recorded automatically. Modify from Result of this play screen in this case.

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