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The role of PC devices is shown here. The explanation is about following 4 devices.

1. Server

2. Router

3. Switching hub

4. Wireless router


Every PC can have many server functions in it such as Web, SMTP, FTP and so on. 'Server PC' is a PC that executes only server function and works for all time.


Main role of a router is to connect a LAN to the other LAN.It transmits data to the other device with routing table and ARP.And it can have firewall and several server functions in it such as DNS and DHCP.

Switching hub

Main role of a switching hub is to connect devices each other in a LAN.It makes out the destination from MAC address and transmits data.Because it doesn't cope with IP address, it can't be used as a connector with the external LAN.

Wireless router

The role of Wireless router is much the same as a router.The difference is wireless router encrypts data with WEP or WPA2 or WPA3 for security, in addition to whether it uses cable or not.

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