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Easy learning TCP/IP , whole network , DNS , LAN , IP address , web , email , VPN , FTP , SCP and so on with animation.In this app, you will see various web actions. By executing these in various patterns, you can learn the detailed structure.The contents are as stated below.

-IP address
-PC port
-The whole world of the internet
-Access to website
-Send and receive emails
-Send files (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP)
-TCP, UDP transmission
-IP transmission
-TCP / IP layer

These are displayed as animations.Please try.

This app will show ads, but if you buy it for about $ 5, the ads will not show.The price fluctuates in accordance with the exchange rate.

Actual Network / Website, SSL / Email / FTP / VPN /

Devices / DNS / LAN, DHCP, NAT / IP address / PC port /

Layer of TCP/IP / TCP,UDP communication / IP communication / Top scene

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