Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T' --- Player Information

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You can input Detail player information. Switch the contents with '1','2','3' button upper part of this screen. The red letters shows max letters for each item.

*Concerning Player ID

Option Button
  • Add Player
    Add a new player to the team. His Player ID is the biggest number in the team.

Move Button

Select the player with this buttons. "→" button reveals the player who has next Player ID, "←" button reveals the player who has previous Player ID, and "10→","←10" button add or decrease the Player ID. And you can input number and push 'Show' button, then the player who has the Player ID reveals.

Personal Information
  • Person

    *1・・・Years of experience
    *2・・・Player's Name must set a unique name in the team. Same Player's Name isn't allowed in a team. And you can't input Player's Name to retired player. There are forbidden characters for Player's Name.

    Phone,Mail,Address aren't showed on Free web service Yakyubo Net.

  • Physical,Ability

    You can freely input staff post at * part. 'Unity' button makes * part of all players among the team same letters.


Total Personal Stats,Personal information

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