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In this input type you record several data by inputting number. It takes longer time than Input Type A,unless you input one side team or only individual. Detail stats and Detail of game isn't created.

Inputting game is a available way to create data such as Team data,Starting line up,Player data and General season. For they are automatically created if they don't exist when the game is saved.

The created stats is as follows.

Team stats
Game , Win , Lose , Draw , Win Percentage , Run Score , Run Allowed , AVG , Home Run , Storen Base , Error , ERA , At Bat , Hit , Strike Out , Innings pitched , ER

Pitching stats
Game , Game Starter , Complete Game , Shut Out , Complete and no Walk , Win , Lose , Save , Save point , Hold , Win Percentage , ERA , Innings pitched , PA , At Bat , Hit , AVG , Home Run , Walk , Hit by pitch , Strike Out , Strike Out Percentage , Wild Pitch , ER , Run , At Starter or Reliever , WHIP , K/BB , Walk Percentage

Hitting stats
Game , Game Starter , PA , At Bat , Hit , RBI , Run , Double , Triple , Home Run , Total Bases , AVG , SLG , OBP , OPS , Strike Out , Walk , Hit by pitch , Sacrifice Bunt , Sacrifice Fly , Storen Base , Caught Stealing , Storen Base Percentage

Fielding stats

Explanation of the items are here.

The order of inputting game is as follows.

1.Change team,Input information → 2.Input Game → 3.Save game → 4.Box Score

1.Change team,Input information Change team,Input information such as date,umpires,stadium.
2.Input GameInput Score board,record of players.
3.Save gameSave Team stats,player stats,Box Score
4.Box ScoreDisplay Box Score,Print

There are four buttons for Input Type B.

1.Change team,Input information

  • Change team with 'Option' button

    You can change Visitor or Home team. Changing team,the value in put till then is all erased. But score board isn't erased.
  • Input information with 'Date etc.' button

    Input date,meet name,stadium,unpires,other information. (number) shows maximum letters in the item. If Auto input date of today to a game is checked, the date at that time is input automatically.
    When you input meet name or stadium,you can select from among past input contents.

    *)Meet name has nothing to do with the name of season data. There is no restriction.
    *)Input date like ○/○/○.For example :2018/06/06

2.Input game

Input score board and player. Swith team with 'Switch' button.
  • Score board

    You can change innings of the game with 'Change' button. Max innings are 30,minimum inning is 1.

    *) 'Innings' in Input Type B means actually innings of the game. It differs from 'Basic Innings' in Input Type A.

    Tap score board and input number. Top and Bottom section is for hits in a inning. End of right shows summed value. You can't input there.
    You can reset the value input.

    Switch the contents with '→' or '←' button upper part of this screen.

  • Input Pitcher and Batter

    If you set starting line up in Team data,it is set automatically. If you didn't set it,there are 'Player?' at line up and void position.

    Input result of batters.Bottom section is input total value of the team automatically. You can't input there except for 'GDP' and 'LOB'. GDP means accomplished Double-play at fielder. Caution to that doesn't mean the Double-play accomplished at bat.

    Tap position or Player's Name or Result(only pitcher) and input.
    You can add reserver player with 'Add Player' and push number. At the time you add,position and name is void. Tap and input or select a reserve player . When you input position,you can add position by the side. For example you select '2B' and add '3B',the position becomes '2B3B'. '2B3B' means a player defended at 2B at first and defeded 3B later.

    Added first reserver player at order 4.

    If you want to delete reserver player,push 'Delete Player'. In case you delete starter player, position and Player's Name isn't deleted and value are deleted.

    Deleted second reserver player at order 6

    You can restore input value with 'Restore to original' button.

    To input fraction of IP like 1/3 ,tap the part surrounded aqua color. Then a input box reveals. If you tap the part of '/3', it vanishes.

    *)If the game is under DH system,'Error' item is added to Pitching items. If DH is quited in the game, it is possible to generate a duplecated player. Then input the value of 'Error' to either.

    * Input in a lump for starter,(AB-H) with 'Option' button

    This function is made to input the value of starter more easily. When you start Input Type B,this function may shorten the input time.

    • Input in a lump ・・・  In case that the value of most starter is same at any item such as AB,H and SO, use this.

      For example :When the value of AB is 3 at 6 starters. Use this and input 3 at AB.After it,input AB for 3 players whose value of AB isn't 3.

    • Input in a lump ・・・  You can input AB and Hit at the same time.
      If 'Move after input' is checked,the order is added 1 every time you push 'Input' button . If you push 'Next batter' button,the order is added 1 without input AB and H at the order.

3.Decide with 'Option' button

If you push 'Decide' Button , this game is decided. And the screen of Save Game is showed. Then if you change starter,the message of 'Do you change default lineup of -- ?' is showed.Selecting 'OK',starting lineup in Team data is changed.

4.Box Score

After the game is over,Box Score is showed.

Concering modification of the Box Score is here. You can modify Team and Player stats by this modification.

Input Type A

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