Help of baseball scorebook app 'Yakyubo T' --- Prepare
for game

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Get it on Google Play

Prepare for the game. Input date,meet name,stadium,unpires,other information and Starting line up.

  • Input information

    Input date,meet name,stadium,unpires,other information like weather or number of audience. You can't input them in the middle of game. (number) shows maximum letters in the item.
    If Auto input date of today to a game is checked, the date at that time is input automatically.
    When you input meet name or stadium,you can select from among past input contents.

    *)Meet name has nothing to do with the name of season data. There is no restriction.
    *)Input date like ○/○/○.For example :2018/06/06

    You can't change Basic Innings here. If you want to change it redo from Top screen.

    *) 'Basic Innings' in Input Type A means defined innings before game. It doesn't contain extra innings. Nomally it is 9 or 7. It differs from 'Innings' in Input Type B.

  • Input Starting line up
    If you push 'Display Lineup',Starting line up of both teams is showed. In case Starting line up is input in the Team data,order of the team is set automatically(under left). If it isn't input or is immature,the order is set like the picture of under right.

In case Starting Line up is input in the Team data
In case Starting Line up is input in the Team data

You can change starter with 'Change lineup' button. Then screen of Change starting line up is showed. Then if you change starter,the message of 'Do you change default lineup of -- ?' is showed.Selecting 'OK',starting lineup in Team data is changed.

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