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This is the game screen.

The order of inputting game is as follows.

Change player,Change right or left at bat or pitch → Input ball counts →
Input batting or running

Repeat this routine.
All the data at a game is recorded when the game is over. Therefore in case you stop in the middle of the game,the data isn't recorded till then.

If you miss input, you can back maximum 30 plays with 'Back' button. Player change and inning change is regarded as one play. In case you can't go back to the wrong input, redo the game or modify after game.
We recommand redo at a openning.If here are few points to modify, we recommand modify after the game.

Explanation is as follows.

1. Finish game,Change player,Change right or left at bat or pitch
2. Input ball counts
3. Input batting, running
4. Score board
5. Ground
6. Member,Detail of game,Number of pitches

1. Finish game,Change player,Change right or left at bat or pitch

The button with pale letters is a useless button. For example,if there is no runnner, you can't use pinch runner. At that case button isn't available.
The explanation fo buttons is as follows.

Finish game When you want to finish game in the middle,push this button. A game is finished automatically if run score of both teams is differnt at the end of Basic innings. Tie game at the end of Basic innings prolongs to maximam 30th inning. You can't record the game within 1st inning.

If the restarted game is finished,the game can't restart again.
Suspend game You can suspend a game and restart form 'Input Game'.

If you suspend a game,take precedence restarting the game. Because you change team or player while suspending,it is possible not to be recorded collectly.
For example: if you change Player's name while suspending, it means Player's name was changed in a game.
Change pitcher,fielder,batter,runnner Select or input new player.
Change right or left at bat or pitch This is for switch hitter or switch pitcher. Both hands batter stands opposite side to the pitcher automatically. Both hands pitcher is set right hander at default.
Tap Map How to input game by tapping.

2. Input ball counts

At first select balls and then select ball counts. According to balls,the count you can select changes. In this app the ball-count isn't used.Therefore ball-count needn't input correctly.

When you input running play such as 'Stolen base' and 'Pick Off',the ball counts don't record as far as the play doesn't cause 3 outs.

3.Input batting,running

There are two ways how to input.Tapping ground and pushing buttons.

・Tapping ground ・・・ Input by tapping,or double tapping,flicking. It is possible to input quickly. There are some plays that can't be input by this way such as grounder error. In case it,input pushing buttons.

・Pushing buttons ・・・ These buttons are for the plays that can't be input by tapping ground such as grounder error,balk.
The explanation of batting and runnning is as follows. The items showed in green are able to be input by tapping.

Play Explanation
Home Run
They are Hits. In case that runner is hit a ball hit by batter,the result of the batter is recorded Single.
In case batter hits Home Run and runs through either base or overtakes fore runnner, record Single or Double or Triple according to the point.
Hit by pitch(HBP)
Sacrifice bunt
Input this play when sacrifice bunt success and batter is out. In case the bunt becomes hit,input Single.
Grounder and Error(GO+E)
Sacrifice bunt and Error(SAC+E)
Fly and error(AO+E)
These are error plays caused at first by batting. Input other error plays such as throwing error after single as a additional play in Detail of batter's play.
'AO+E' means Fly or Liner and error.
Bunt and fielder's choice(SAC+FC)
Grounder and fielder's choice(GO+FC)
These plays mean a field player throws to wrong base and can't get a out without throwing to first base. In this case Error isn't recoreded. And the record of batter is a sacrifice bunt or ground out.
Strike Out(SO)
Fly Out(FO)
Line Out
Ground Out(GO)
These plays are plays of batter out. When batter is out for failing bunt,the play is classified by the type of failure. If it becomes fly out,input only Fly out.

If sacrifice fly occurs and run is earned,select Fly Out or Line Out. And add 'SF' in Detail of batter's play as a additional play .
Add double play and triple play in Detail of batter's play as a additional play,too.
Catcher's interference(IF2) 'Catcher's interference' means a interference play by catcher. In case a batter's bat hits catcher's mitt when swinging,this play is called. The batter is to first base. The batter is recorded 0 at AB,the catcher is recored 1 at Error.
Illegal play (IP) 'Illegal play' means a interference play by batter until he reaches first base. In other cases,input in Detail of batter's play as a additional play.

In case that runner is hits a ball hit by batter,the play is 'IP'. But the batter is recorded 'Single'. Therefore input 'Single' and add 'IP' as a additional play.
Uncaught Strike Out(Uncaught-SO) 'Uncaught Strike Out' play means when a batter is Strike Out, wild pitch or pass ball occurs at the same time and the batter is alive. But if a runner is on first base and not 2 outs,a batter can't go to first base.
Strike Out and Caught Stealing(SO+CS) This play means that a batter is strike out and a runner fails to steal at the same.
Stolen Base(SB)
Caught Stealing(CS)
Double Steal(DS)
Caught Stealing + (CS+)
These plays concern with steal. If plural runners succeed steal,'DS' is recorded and 'SB' is recorded to each player.
In case either runner fails 'DS',the failed runner is recorded 'CS' and the runnner going ahead is recorded none.
Pick Off
Select this play when pick off play by a pitcher occurs. Except for by pitcher,select 'Runner-Out'.
Error Select this play when a error occurs in spite of no batting or runnning. For example : error of Pick off by pitcher,error of throwing by catcher
Wild Pitch(WP)
Pass Ball(PB)
The two plays are judged which player should bear the responsibility.
Balk(BK) This play occurs when motion of the pitcher is regarded as foul. In this case,every runner go ahead.
Runner Out Select this play when a runner is out in spite of no batting or runnning. For example : runner is out by throwing of catcher, runner is out by hidden ball

There are different steps by the input play.

Play Step
Detail of batter's playResult of this play
HR,BB,HBP,IF2,SO,IP,BK Result of this play
Uncaught SO Select WP or PB → Detail of batter's play
Result of this play
Detail of runner's playResult of this play
Runner-Out Select Put Out and Assist fielderDetail of runner's play
Result of this play
E Select error fielder → Detail of runner's play
Result of this play

About "Detail of batter's play" and "Detail of runner's play" are as follows.
・・・ Input the target fielder,direction,RBI,additional play such as Double play and SF.
・・・ Input target runner,fielder,additional play such as error.
・・・ From the input play,the position of runners,RBI,Run,Count is showed. You can modify Put out and Assist of fielders ,runners and ball counts. If you decide play here,you can input next play.

4.Score Board

According to input plays,runs and hits are showed automatically. You can't input manually.
If innings is over 9th,'Extra' button is showed. And it enables to show all innings by switching display.


Inning,score,ball counts,players are showed. The color of cap and uniform is decided by the color set in Team data. If the color isn't set,uniform color is white and cap is black.

6.Member,Detail of game,Number of pitches

・'Member' button ・・・ The player section of score board is showed.
・'Detail(V)','Detail(H)' button ・・・ Detail of game is showed.
・Number of pitches ・・・ The number of pitches which present pitchers delivery is showed.

1.Prepare for game / 2.Start game / 4.Save game / 5.Box Score

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